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Tournaments and Events

Functioning of the Tournaments 




The As de Sable tournaments guarantee 4 matches per tournament to each enrolled team. 



Once your team has arrived at the tournament’s location, you must register your team at the As de Sable tent before 8 am

Before leaving the tournament, all players must also inform the As de Sable of their departure. We want to avoid any missed games due to teams leaving too early. 

See our late policy section. 

Late policy 


Latecomers must advise the As de Sable tournament team of their tardiness as soon as possible. Any teams that have not arrived by 8:30 am and have not communicated with the As de Sable team will be disqualified without reimbursement. If the team are members of the club, they will be charged the cost of the tournament. See our cancellation policy for more details. 

See the rules section to find out more about penalties for delaying a game. 


The official schedule will be available the morning of the tournament and will be found on the MyTeam.Click app. A preliminary schedule will be available the night before the tournament. 



Youth tournament: The game results must be given to the As de Sable team on site immediately after each match. The As de Sable team will then be responsible for entering the results on the MyTeam.Click app. 

Adult tournament: The winning team must enter their own results directly on the MyTeam.Click app. The losing team must then validate the results on the app. 

See the functioning of MyTeam.Click app section for more details.

Winners announcement

When all final matches in a category have been played, we immediately proceed to the award ceremony.

Youth tournament: Teams compete for gold, silver and bronze medals

Adult tournament 2x2: Teams that finish in first place will receive a $120 cash bursary and 2nd place will receive the official event shirt. 

Adult tournament 4x4: Teams that finish in first place will receive a 120$ cash bursary and 2nd place will receive the official event shirt. 

Participation prizes will also be given at our events. 



An As de Sable employee will take photos and videos during our events. Do not hesitate to ask them to take a picture of your team! These pictures will then be shared on the As De Sable’s Facebook page. 

By participating in an As de Sable tournament, you agree that your photo may be used for promotional purposes. 


Cancellation Policy




A cancellation made before 6pm on the Thursday preceding the tournament does not incur a fee. 

A cancellation made after Thursday 6pm will incur 100% of the tournament fees, which will be charged to the parents or directly to the athlete if they are 18 years of age or older. 

A team that does not show up on the morning of the tournament without warning (before 8:00 am) will have to pay the fees and will be withdrawn from the practices the week following the tournament. 




Registration fees for cancellations made before 6pm on the Thursday preceding the tournament will be 100% reimbursed.

The registration fee for a cancellation made after Thursday 6 pm will not be refunded.

A team that does not show up the morning of the tournament, without warning (before 8:00 am) will not be refunded and will be excluded from As de Sable tournaments for the ongoing season.

Tournament or Event Cancellation


Thunderstorms, torrential rain or high winds


All As de Sable events go on rain or shine. 

However, in case of storms, torrential rain or strong winds, the As de Sable team can make the decision to interrupt a tournament to ensure the players safety. 

If the interruption lasts less than 2 hours, the matches will resume. However, if the interruption lasts more than 2 hours the tournament will be canceled. In such a case, participants will be entitled to a 50% refund.


Damaged infrastructure 


In case of major damage, flooding or any other reason that would make it impossible to hold an event, the As de Sable organization will have to cancel the event. The announcement will be made on the As de Sable’s Facebook page and by email. In such a case, participants will receive a full refund of the registration fees. 


Lack of Registrations


Should the tournament be canceled due to a lack of participants, the registration fees will be refunded in full. 


Categories and Calibre

Youth category


Feminine or masculine: 

  • 14 and under 

  • 16 and under 

  • 18 and under 

Adult Categories

  • 2x2 mixed B 

  • 2x2 feminine B 

  • 2x2 masculine B 


Caliber B


Our tournaments are aimed at B-level players. In other words, players with experience in volleyball and mastering basic techniques. 

Categories and Calibre



General Rules

Tie breaking for finals

Tie breaking will be applied in this order of priority: 

  1. Best ratio of won/lost games 

  2. In case of a tie between two teams, the winning team will be chosen

  3. In case of a tie (PP/PC) between two teams, the PP/PC ratio of all the matches of both teams will be compared. 

  4. In case of a triple tie (sets won/ lost games) the PP/PC ratio of all matches will be compared 

  5. In case of a PP/PC tie, the team that passes will be determined by heads or tails. 



The refereeing of the matches is done by the teams on break according to the schedule established by the organizing committee. We ask that we always have a standing referee to watch the match and another to turn the points. 



In beach volleyball, it is strictly forbidden to help players during the game by giving them advice. However, the coach, in categories 14 and 16 years old and under, can help young athletes during down time or between games.


Our priority is to ensure the safety of all participants. To ensure this we make a few recommendations before each tournament. The As de Sable committee on site reserves the right to remove a player if they consider that there are risks for their health or the health of others. 



Participants: The As de Sable teams wants to maintain a positive atmosphere during all of their tournaments. This is why, respecting your opponents, your partners and the referees is mandatory. Players who lack respect could be immediately expelled from the tournament without a refund. 

Parents: Parents must ensure their child respects the other participants in the tournament. Leading by example with respectful behavior is one of the best ways to make sure of this.

Spectators: We encourage spectators to support athletes in a positive way. No hateful or disrespectful comments will be tolerated, offenders will be asked to leave the competition site.

Late to a game

It is crucial to start the games at the scheduled time. If a team is late for a game, the following penalties will apply: 

5 min: first set lost by forfeit (0-21) 

15 minutes: loss of the entire game by forfeit (0-21/0-21) 

Warm up

Players can warm up at any time off the field. They can also do it on the field provided that the previous match is over, and they make sure to start their game on time. 


At the beginning of each game, a draw allows one of the teams to choose between the right to serve or receive the service, or the side of the court. The losing team in the draw will decide for the second run.

Specific Rules


21-point games

  • 2 matches of 21 points in preliminary

  • 2 of 3 (first two rounds of 21 points and the third 15 points) 

A two-point difference is needed (no point limit). 

Change of side

Teams switch sides of the court every 7 points in a 21 point match and every 5 points in a 15 point match. 

Down time 

  • A technical down time is given when the addition of both teams’ points equals 21

  • Down time lasts 30 seconds


Net height

2m15: 14 and under feminine category

2m24: 14 years and under masculine category

          16 and 18 and under feminine category

          feminine adult category

          mixed adult category

2m35: 16 years and under masculine category 

2m43: 18 years and under masculine category 

          masculine adult category


Central Line


It is accepted to cross the center line and the net, provided that it does not disturb the game of the opposing team.




First touch:

  • Reception of the ball in a volley is permitted only on descending attacks. 

  • The first touch can be a double as long as it does not touch the end of the fingers. 


Second touch: 

  • Volley in the sagittal (front-to-back) plane. 

  • No double touch or transportation accepted (14-16 years old and under double contact is accepted) 


Third touch: 

  • The volley must be in the sagittal axis (front-back) of the body. 

  • No double touch or transportation accepted



  • The block counts as a touch

  • The blocker can touch the ball and recover it in the second touch. 

Other rules

  • The reception of a serve by volley is not accepted.

  • No tipping 

Rules specific to the mixed adult category 

  • Men attack 3 meters from the net

  • Men cannot block women (at any time) 

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